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Flow Yoga

In this form of Yoga we flow through a dynamic sequence of postures. Linking the movement to the breath, our bodies become stronger, more flexible and balanced.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga involves seated or reclining postures.  Long held, relaxed postures work to develop patience and acceptance as well as creating space on the deeper tissues wihin the body.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is considered the Ancient-Indian form of Yoga which involved meditation, breathwork, philosophy and movement. This traditional form of Yoga will make you feel strong and calm.

Sara’s Wellbeing
Balance mind & body in the workspace

Get on board to make sure your employees get a much-needed boost to their mental clarity, energy levels and fitness.

About Me

High Quality & Professional Yoga

Hi, I am Sara and I’m sharing yoga as a means of finding balance, peace and playfulness in life. Among others, I have been influenced by Animal movement studies and Martial Arts. I combine elements of different wellness practices into my Yoga teaching to give students a better understanding of the biomechanics of their body and the workings of their mind.

“Sara is a kind and fun teacher. Her classes always leave me feeling connected to myself, nurtured and balanced out. Her calm vibes turn even the most challenging Yoga poses an enjoyable experiment.”

Clara, CEO Yoga studio

Why Choose Me?

Customized Instruction For Every Student

“But I haven’t done yoga before.”

“I’m far too old, I’m about as flexible as a rake” and… “well I really don’t like Lycra!”
No problem. My philosophy is all about helping everybody access the powerful benefits of Yoga. There is no jumping into upside-down-flying-tiger pose in my class; instead we start where you always should, right at the very beginning, to ensure that everybody gains a good understanding of the fundamental building blocks of yoga.

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The Benefits of Yoga


Breathwork and body movement boosts energy levels, blood flow and heat in the body.

Strength Building

Tuning into our muscles and using body weight we build strength.

Stress Relief

Lower blood pressure, lower anxiety levels, reduction of stress through pausing and observing.

Relax & Refresh

This wholesome practice covers every step needed for the body and mind to relax and renew.

Beauty of Body

We become fitter and leaner through the practice.

Mind & Soul

Meditation calms the mind and develops compassion.