Welcome to our shop dedicated to fullfilling all your Yogic needs.

Our story

Hi there!
My name is Sara and we welcome you to our family owned shop.
In 2019 we took the first steps to start our journey, and we called it Sara’s Wellbeing.

Me and my tech-savvy brother have been working hard on designing a user-friendly space where we provide all you will need to have a full Yogic lifestyle.

We search and find the best products from around the World, ranging from Yoga mats to Yoga inspired jewellery. We also have some fantastic wellness gift ideas, should you be searching for the perfect item to surprise your loved ones. Are you just beginning your Yogic journey? Then you might like to check out our Yoga kits, which include all you need to start your journey with a solid foundation.

Aside to the shop, I also teach Yoga classes in Amsterdam and internationally. Would you like to take a Yoga class with me? Through the shop you can also purchase personal Yoga lessons, in which we work together to determine and reach your Yogic goals.

Sincerely yours,

Sara & Memo from Sara’s Wellbeing

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